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Chinook Windz Healthy Pet & Horse Supplies
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Established in 2008

As breeders of competetive canine athletes for almost 20 years, proper pet nutrition was very important to ensure that our dogs lived long healthy lives, with few injuries and ailments.  We became well versed in what constitutes proper nutrition, whether feeding a raw diet, kibble or a homemade diet.  As experience, education and training grew, we began to host nutritional seminars for our puppy owners, and then for other breeders.

W When we moved on from dog sports and breeding to find a new adventure, we decided to take our experience to retail.  Our store location opened in 2008 to help meet the needs for quality pet food and supplies for our community and surrounding area.  In a very short time, we out grew our small space and expanded into the adjacent bays of our building.  Our retail area is approximately 1200 sq. ft and we have become very adept at utilizing all of it, to be able to bring in a great selection of pet and horse products.
All of our staff are very knowledgable regarding pet nutrition and training.

Horse nutritional products were added to our inventory in 2015, which lead to an expansion into barn supplies, tack items, and riding apparel.  All those years of horse ownership and attending horse shows with our daughter, might have actually paid off. 

We are here to help you with all your pet food, nutritional supplement decisions.  Come say hi to our friendly, knowledgeable staff - and the store dogs.

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