Chinook Windz Healthy Pet (& Horse) Supplies

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On-Site Engraving Machine
dog tags/luggage tags/stall plates/etc.



Nutritional Consultations

Complimentary dietary counselling to help your pet receive proper nutrition.  Have a problem with digestive upset, allergies, gas or skin/coat health?  It might be diet related and we would love to see if we can help.



Good Nutrition Makes For Happy Pets

Doggy Pedicures

Does Your Dog Need A Nail Trim?
We Help Keep Our Canine Customer's Nail Neatly Trimmed With Regular Grinding With Our Dremel


Tim's Custom Pallet Creations

Locally Made Racks/Home Decore and Saddle Racks From Pallets And Reclaimed Wood

Awesome Gift Ideas!!!

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Updated December 2023