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Pet Wash Facilities

We offer a completely set up professional dog wash & grooming area, complete with complimentary towels, professional dryer and kennel.

Anytime you need to bath your dog, feel free to drop by and use our facility.  Save your aching back and the clean up afterwards by using our wash area and let us worry about the wet towels.             No appointment necessary.

Large Dog                   - Wash & Dry         $16
                                   - Wash Only            $12
Medium Dog               - Wash & Dry         $15 
                                   - Wash Only            $10  
Small Dog                   - Wash & Dry         $12
                                   - Wash Only             $8

Our pet wash area comes complete with shampoo/towels/grooming table/commercial pet dryer - all you need to bring is your pet


Nutritional Consultations

Complimentary dietary counselling to help your pet receive proper nutrition.  Have a problem with digestive upset, allergies, gas or skin/coat health?  It might be diet related and we would love to see if we can help.


Good Nutrition Makes For Happy Pets

Doggy Pedicures

Does Your Dog Need A Nail Trim?
We Help Keep Our Canine Customer's Nail Neatly Trimmed With Regular Grinding With Our Dremel


Tim's Custom Pallet Creations

Locally Made Racks/Home Decore and Saddle Racks From Pallets And Reclaimed Wood

Awesome Gift Ideas!!!

(click on link to visit Tim's webpage)



Updated October 13 2018