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***Pet Products***

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***Kibble, Freeze Dried and Canned Pet Products***

GO! & Now!
Human grade ingredients, slow cooked in small batches at low temperatures for natural nutrition

Made In Canada


Made in Canada

Champion Pet Foods
ACANA   Made In Alberta

 Farmina N&D
Product of Italy

Biologically Appropriate Pet Food
Horizon Pulsar
Grain-Free and Made In Canada

Horizon Legacy
Horizon Complete
Horizon Taiga

Grain-Free and Made in Saskatchewan

Additional Dog & Cat Canned Products

Merrick Grain-Free
Whole Earth Farms
Red Barn
Canada Fresh
Walk About
Nummy Tummy

AND MORE . . .

Ziwi Peak
Air Dried Pet Food
Made in New Zealand

Made In Canada

***Frozen Raw Pet Food**


Primal Pet Foods
Frozen Raw Diets & Bones/Freeze Dried Raw/Goat's Milk & Bone Broth

***Dietary Supplements**

. . . and more nutritional & health pet supplements 

If there is a specific product you would like to see us carry, please drop us an email and let us know.  If we can
get order it, we will bring it in for you.

We carry a wide selection of pet treats, chews and frozen raw bones

Also in-stock: pet crates, beds, training equipment, toys, grooming supplies, and other dog/cat novelties
Check out our extensive selection of dietary supplements, holistic remedies and health care information.

We Accept:

     Treats & Chews                   Bulk Chews                 Hard & Soft-sided Crates         Dietary Supplements



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